STEM Students Travel to Israel

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By Harrison Feld

This February, NYHS, in partnership with the Samis Foundation, sent a group of four students to Israel on a STEM educational program. From February 13-22, NYHS students junior Ori Amiel, sophomore Shimon Gamel, sophomore Binyamin Katsman, and junior A.J. Maimon, visited with representative from some of Israel’s most internationally recognized companies: SodaStream, Mobileye, Waze, and Aerobotics.  

The students “got to see firsthand what these startup companies were doing and how they worked”, said Binyamin Katsman, a Sophomore who attended the trip. Among the students, AJ Maimon (Grade 11), told The Mane Idea “it was a really amazing experience”.  AJ’s favorite startup was MobilEye: an Israeli company “aiming to create fully autonomous cars through the use of cameras and other various sensors.” These sensors can read street signs and even spot bikers that the human eye might miss. “I hate driving, so I would love to have one of their cars one day,” said Maimon.  

Although there are dozens of companies aiming to create autonomous cars, none of them except for MobilEye, operate in Israel. Maimon said the trip really showed “How we [Israelis] are specifically influencing the world and how advanced we are in these areas.” Junior Ori Amiel was particularly interested in SodaStream’s Island of Peace, which Amiel described as a “unification of Israeli cultures in a peaceful environment.”

Students returned to the trip inspired and more in touch with their modern Zionism than ever. After learning so much in Israel, they are ready to begin constructing their our own projects for the annual Center for Initiative in Jewish Education conference in Los Angeles later this year.


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