2018-2019 Baskeball Recap

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By Eliana Menashe

With an inexperienced Boys Team and a Girls Team suffering from injuries, you could call it rebuilding year for NYHS basketball. The Boys conclude the season with 1-17 and the Girls finished 4-17, while squeaking into the playoffs.

The 2018-2018 Boys Team was made up of mostly freshmen and sophomores. The season was a learning experience for the boys. “We came into the year with one plan only and that was how to be a good teammate, how to have pride in yourself and what you do. It wasn’t about wins and losses, it was about learning how to be good teammate and we did a great job. We competed in every game.” said boys Head Coach Joe Stern.

Before the season started, some suggested the Lions compete at the JV level, since they were so young. They ended playing Varsity because it would be very beneficial for future years. “A lot of people said we should play JV, but if we played JV we wouldn’t have the experience. Next year we’re going to know what we’re getting into. We’re going to be better,” said Victor Maimon, co-captain.

The Boys ended their season with a very close game against Pope John Paul ll, only losing 48-40.

The Girls Team struggled with injuries and illnesses. Concussions, an ACL injury, and bout of pneumonia plagued what could have been a very successful season given the experience of the squad. “The season had its ups and downs. We had a lot of injuries and a lot of the time we only had six girls. We didn’t have a healthy team and that’s just the kind of year it was. I thought we played the best we could,” said Coach Stern.

The season began with the annual Steve Glouberman basketball tournament in Los Angeles.. Although the Lions did not come back with any wins they came back a stronger and a more unified team. “Globerman was super fun and set the tone for the rest of the year as well as a good bonding experience for the team no matter the wins and losses–especially the losses,” said Esti Weiss, co-captain.. Glouberman also provided the freshmen a taste of high school basketball.

The season got off to a rough start. The Lions began 0-6, before pulling out a hard fought win over Christian Faith. Due to injuries and illness, a number of freshman were forced into significant playing time early in the season. “I think since it was such a young team on the floor it was more of an adjustment, and I think since there was that factor made for tough start. Once we go tinto it more we started to work harder and get better,” said Weiss.

Senior Night was particularly poignant this year given that it was  it had an exciting start with Esti Weiss’s first start of the season since she injured her ACL in the fall. Esti Weiss played for the first 10 seconds then was taken out to an applauding crowd.

Next year, Nikki Co, assistant coach of the girls team will transitioning into Head Coach position of the girls team. “I look forward to helping make everyone on the team better, not just on the court, but also in school and in the real world,” Coach Co said. Coach Joe stern will be returning as Head Coach next year for the boys team.


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