Freshman Boat Trip

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by Shoshana Behar


During the first week of school at Northwest Yeshiva High School, the Freshmen spent three days together on a hundred foot wooden schooner. During those three days, the Freshmen learned about the environment, sailed the ocean, and of course, bonded.

The freshmen agreed that life aboard the ship was hard, but not without benefit. Victor Maimon said, “Now I know that I can be away from technology, not showering, and really know that you are fine and don’t need all those pleasures and you can go two days without them”.

“I feel like I learned how to take care of myself on this trip” said Aliza Amiel.

In addition to maintaining the ship during the day, the students were also woken up in the middle of the night for a one hour night shift.

“The night shifts were hard, but I think it was important,” said Anna Jacoby.

Yoel Kintzer agreed regarding the challenges of the night shift but noted, “It’s cool because you are maintaining the boat while everyone is sleeping.”

The food on the boat was an issue for some students. Aliza Amiel said, “I did not like the food, it hurt my stomach. I was looking for pizza, my favorite food, but they didn’t have that.”

Jacoby begged-to-differ, saying she “really enjoyed the food,” while acknowledging that  “some of it was mediocre.”

Making a bunch of amateur sailors responsible for the safe running of a sailing trip could never have been able to get done without the support of experienced crew members.

“They helped me whenever I needed help like tying [knots],”  said Jacoby. “For the most part, they were very cool and fun.”

Whether or not the food or the chores was to their liking, all agreed that the natural beauty of Puget Sound made the trip very worthwhile.

“I did appreciate going out to sea, it was really beautiful,” said Kintzer. “Davening in the morning was beautiful.”


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