Senior at NYHS Talks About His Experience with “The Seattle School of Rock House Band”

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by Oliver Haas


Senior Ezra Cohanim, who has been playing guitar for over 13 years, is the lead guitarist for “The Seattle School of Rock House Band.”

The band is hoping to perform this coming July at Summerfest, a music festival that comes to Milwakuee every year.

Cohanim joined the band his sophomore year and has continued with his passion all throughout high school. For him, music is how he expresses his emotions, which is why he started getting into playing guitar seriously his freshman year. To Cohanim, the best aspect of playing the guitar is making something out of nothing with music.

When he first decided to get serious with his music he tried to start a band of his own at NYHS. However, he eventually ended up joining the School of Rock to ensure a serious commitment in his music.

“Joining School of Rock, which led to many other bands, has given me a much needed creative and social outlet to break away from my standard routine,” said Cohanim. “I’ve grown so much there and could not have wished for a better organization to hone my skills.”

According to Cohanim, his most significant accomplishment as a musician was “playing on the biggest stage at Summerfest last year.” Cohanim performed in front of hundreds of students along with famous musicians including Phil X.

Ariela DeFunis, the STEM teacher at NYHS, went to go see Cohanim perform live. “It was actually incredible,” she said. The kids in the band were “amazingly talented” and “put their heart into it.” DeFunis said that rock is not really her type of music, but when she saw Cohanim perform she was blown away by how much she liked the music.

Beth Davis, the school guidance counselor, also went to see Cohanim perform and said that the performance was “really good” and she encourages others to see the show as well.

Cohanim plans to record songs with his other band “dfc” this summer to see if it might take off. He says that he isn’t going to give up music or his dream anytime soon.  He has decided to attend Cornish College next year, a school for the arts, and will continue to strive to fulfill his dream to be successful in the music industry.