Seattle Jewish Film Festival Review

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by Ethan Sherr


The Seattle Jewish Film Festival (SJFF) came to Seattle in March 2018 and focused on showing Israeli films to celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday at the Seattle JCC.

The Seattle Jewish Film Festival’s mission statement is to explore and celebrate Jewish culture and make it accessible.

“In terms of this year’s festival we were trying to celebrate Israel at 70– most of the films shed light on the complexity and diversity of Israel, or taught the community about Israel,” said Pamela Lavitt, Director of Arts and Ideas at the SJFF.

“The Film Festival has the ability to have people from very different walks of life come into the same room and have the same experience,” continued Lavitt. “Film is a low barrier, easy way for people to take a risk and jump in.”

This community aspect of the festival was certainly felt by the attendees.

“Going to the Seattle Jewish Film Festival is like going to the movies with people in your community,” said attendee Hannah-Esther Began. “It’s not just like going to see a blockbuster film.”

Regarding hopes for future Seattle Jewish Film Festivals, Lavitt said, “We had strong attendance at this year’s festival. I would love to see us grow and expand. For example, it would be great to bring a filmmaker to Northwest Yeshiva during the festival.”