Samis Delegation Visits NYHS

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by Albert Menashe


On Monday May 7th, the Samis Foundation delegation made their annual trip to Northwest Yeshiva High School (NYHS) to observe the effects of their funding.

The delegation included trustees Victor Alhadeff, Connie Kanter, David Azose and Senior Program Director Amy Amiel.

“It is important for us to let the schools know how important it is what the schools do, and it is important for us to see in person what is happening in the schools. We get good reports, but until you come out in person, you are a little bit removed,” said Azose.

In addition to the Samis Foundation being able to witness the effects of their donations, the trip also has the potential to influence funding for specific needs.

“We want to hear where there is opportunity for improvement. Just in side comments and walking the halls, there are often things that just come up. And we try to listen as well – that could impact our giving,” said Alhadeff.

The Samis Foundation is NYHS’s single largest benefactor. In 2016, it donated $824,888 which was 32% of NYHS annual contributions and grants.

“NYHS gets more money per capita per student than any of the other schools. The reason for that is from the beginning we place a premium on high school education,” said Alhadeff.

The majority of the Samis Foundation contribution is used as the school sees fit for its general operating budget. In addition to the general contribution, Samis provides a specific grant called the Partnership Framework, which is used for specific goals of the school.  

“It is an opportunity for the Jewish day schools in Seattle to identify specific goals they have, both in terms of their overall governance of the institution and the Judaic institute of the institution,” said Kanter.

In addition to the Partnership Framework, Samis provides a technology initiative which helps to bring new technology into the school.

“Samis is a tremendously important institution for Jewish education in Seattle,” said Head of School Jason Feld. “Samis is our largest supporter in terms of being able to provide a Jewish education to every family that wants one.”