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by Sophie Maimon


Beloria Levy, also known as Batter_Splatter, talks about her cake business. 

I love to bake, shop and be a real girly girl, fashion girl… I started an Instagram called Batter_Splatter in the summer of 2017. People can call me or text me and they can ask for items for birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs. Whatever the occasion is, I’ll make them cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc.

I thought of this because, for my Bat Mitzvah I got a cake decorating set, and when I started using it, it helped me find my love of baking. With that decorating set, I started baking a lot more, and people started to see what I baked on the Instagram account. Then people would start ordering from me. I get at least three orders a week. I get home, do my homework, and then bake. It’s really fun. When people ask me to do cakes and tell me to make whatever I want, I love making drip cakes because I love using so many colors.

I once had a customer who is on a real estate team, and she was having a client party with over 250 people, and she ordered a big two tiered cake and 200 mini cupcakes— that was my biggest order. It can be really stressful because sometimes I’ll have so much work, but it’s still the most fun thing ever.