Girls’ Basketball Team Goes to Regionals

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by Rachel Coskey


On February 24th, the NYHS Lions girls’ basketball team competed in the SeaTac League State Regional game against Taholah High School.

The game took place at Chehalis High School. The Lions lost by ten points with a score of 65-55.  

Competing in regionals was a significant accomplishment for the team. After having a successful season, reaching Regionals was a milestone for the basketball program and for the school as a whole.  

The game was scheduled for a Saturday night, so the team spent Shabbat in Tumwater, Washington. This way, they wouldn’t have to rush to the game after Shabbat ended. The team was accompanied by their families as well as Assistant Head of School Malka Popper. The basketball team and their families held a relaxing Shabbat in Tumwater. “We spent the whole day together, secluded from everyone else and we all really bonded that Shabbat,” said sophomore Avital Jacobson.  

“It was more than just playing basketball, we all became better friends,” said freshman Nina Greisman.

This year, the girls’ basketball team was led by first-year coach Joe Stern as well as assistant coach Nikki Co. “In the beginning it was hard getting used to the coach… but he pushed us through and we got really far,” said junior Zohar Hemmat.  

Reflections from members of the team about their season were upbeat. “It was crazy that we got to Regionals. I didn’t expect to get that far freshman year,” Greisman shared.  

“There were ups and downs along the way, but it was a pretty strong season,” said junior Mimi Broches.  

“I think the season went really well,” said Jacobson.  

Popper also shared her thoughts on the season. “They had a really, really strong season… they were able to congeal and come together as a team and learn how to communicate with each other.”

Next year, team captain Tamar Jacobson will have graduated, opening up a window for new leadership. The team already has many assets in place to build a strong season next year.