Are all NYHS Sports Created Equal?

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by Marty Estrin


Northwest Yeshiva High School (NYHS) offers a wide variety of sports, but enthusiasm for and attendance at the sports vary.

Northwest Yeshiva High School  has worked to offer a wide array of sports this school year. Students have had options to partake in sports teams such as both girls’ and boys’ basketball, girls’ volleyball, co-ed golf and co-ed cross-country. Despite this wide range of different sports teams, many have asked whether these sports are actually treated equally among the administration and the student body.

“We try our best to promote every sport equally,” said Athletic Director Marcy Park.

Sophomore golf player Jadon Piha also feels like the school treats the sports equally. “Golf has received the same treatment from both faculty and staff as any other sport,” said Piha. “Basketball may have been talked about more because of the nature of the sport, people like it more.”

Fay Koyfman, a junior, disagrees with Piha. “Volleyball doesn’t get the same hype as other sports such as basketball so students rarely took interest in our games. On top of that, not winning any of our games didn’t help with students supporting the sport and coming to games. But I still enjoyed my time playing volleyball because I was playing with a very close group of girls.”

When comparing the crowd sizes of the various sporting events, basketball clearly comes out as the most popular in the community. Park attributed this to the fact that the game times for basketball are more convenient, as well as the fact that the basketball teams have had more success than the other sports.

In addition, Assistant Head of School Malka Popper, who attends many basketball games, said that she came to a lot of games because they are “community events,” and because she “supports students through basketball.”

In addition to the regular season, the boys’ basketball team also had the opportunity to compete in the Glouberman Tournament in Los Angeles. The entire school gathered in the beit midrash to watch and cheer on the team as they competed. The other sports teams did not have the same tournament opportunities.

“My gut feeling is that there is just more hype around basketball than the other sports,” said Popper.